My Early Golden days....

I was born in a small town ”Kurigram” in the north Bengal of Bangladesh. I belong to a middle-class family. My parents have a dream to make me successful in life, and they tried heart and soul to provide me with the highest possible education/care, and love! I have a lovely little sister.

I got my primary education at Rifles Public School, currently known as Boarder Guard Public School. It was a pretty decent school at that time. 

Meanwhile, I got admitted to a coaching center which is ”Advance Pre-Cadet Coaching”(later on, New Advance); I enjoyed it a lot there. I didn’t study much but eventually secured the primary & Junior scholarships/GPA 5 in SSC because of the teachers’ efforts! I have a deep respect from the core of my heart for Rana sir/Asad Sir/Mahbub Sir/Monju Sir/Rofiq Sir/Johurul Sir. 

I did my secondary school at Kurigram govt. High School. Undoubtedly, it was the golden period in my entire lifetime. My favorite teachers from the schools are Obaidul Sir, Ferdous Sir, Ruhul Amin Sir, Enamul Sir, Nahid sir, Khalek Sir.

Cricket is my favorite game, and I played a lot during my school life. On Rainy days, I often enjoyed playing football which most of the time caused me a slight Fever. Haha. 

At that particular time, I was a bookworm too. Read a lot, including ”Kishor Alo” type magazine. We had a small library in one of my rooms. Arif, my childhood friend, was the co-founder of this little library. We have a vast collection of books. Good old memories!


My Challenges in life...

I have been interested in Technology and devices since my early days. My father bought me a Computer in 2012. Everything was smooth until my HSC life. Suddenly, just after the HSC, I lost my father! It was a terrible situation that I had never thought of it. I had no clue what to do……..

Since I had financially unstable, I started tuition to solve the situation. At the same time, I was doing my Honours in English from Kurigram Govt. College. I had a decent experience here as well!

In 2016, I joined Fiverr and started my Freelance journey and was trying to build essential skills. It was not a smooth journey, but I was growing. Before that, I tried Microwokers too and earned around 1000$ just by writing blog posts (mainly) and doing micro works. (It was a great thing to remember, I still have that account)

In 2017, I started earning a decent sum from Fiverr. And I did not look back again. The graph for work and earnings was rising. I was promoted to Level 1 seller, then Level 2, and finally secured the most prestigious TOP Rated Seller Badge in 2021.

I have become an Official Partner of WIX. I got a decent benefits like regular leads and revenue share which helped me to diversify the income stream. 



Future Plans....

Success can be defined in many ways. I want to be a successful person from my point of view. That’s a goal, another one is to go to Jannat with all the dear ones. And finally there is one more goal to achieve which I will not disclose now! (but you will know eventually.) 

By the way, I love traveling! I want to explore the whole of Bangladesh and a few countries too. I have recently completed my post graduation and now I am serious about my works and as well as traveling! haha..